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fluteboard®  is a professional corrugated plastic box manufacturer in China with more than 14 years of export experience. Our main boxes include fruits/vegetable packaging boxes, corrugated postal mail totes, plastic wardrobe boxes for moving, leaf chutes and waste bins, corrugated plastic box with dividers,  stackable picking bins, correx nuc box, seafood packaging box, and other corrugated plastic boxes.

With unremitting efforts, our company is widely recognized. Huiyuan was granted "ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification", "Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS18001", "ISO 14000 Environment Management Certification" and "SGS International Certification".

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    03 High-quality Products Depend On Our Strict Quality Control

    How to quickly and effectively detect the performance of coroplast?

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    The following are our qualification certificates from the professional organizations.

    The quality of our products is 100% guaranteed, view more certificates.

    04 Why Don’t Choose Huiyuan?

    Competitive Price

    • Good mechanical properties

    China has the world's richest plastic materials, so our plastic products have unique advantages in the international market.

    • Low labor cost

    China's population ranks first in the world, with one-third of them engage in industrial production. That is to say, we have a relatively low labor cost.

    High Quality

    We are a leading manufacturer with more than 14 years of export experience. Every process of every box is strictly controlled for quality. We also can provide free samples for customers to test. All our products have reached domestic and international standards and received unanimous praise.

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    Excellent service

    The company has set up a special international trade department with smooth communication and first-rate pre-sales and after-sales service.

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    We ship to over 80 countries worldwide. As one of the leading manufacturers of Corrugated Plastics sheets, We offer competitive shipping rates and have an experienced shipping department available to help our customers make exporting orders easily and cost-effective.

    Now Huiyuan has a total production capacity of 15,000 Tons Per Year.

    We will always try our utmost to give all of you the best customer experience!
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