Custom Correx Picking Bins for Warehouse


Correx Euro Stacking Pick Bins are made of correx/coroplast/corflute sheets, so many people also call them correx picking bins, corflute picking boxes,coroplast picking totes, etc. Because this kind of bins are widely used in warehouse, many people also like to call them warehouse picking bins or picking bins for warehouse.

Correx Picking Bins


Product Name
Correx picking bins
3 mm-5 mm, or customized
Eco-friendly, lightweight, strong and durable, waterproof, rich colors, cost-effective, customizable, etc
Packaging, transportation, and storage of  various products
Film packing or as customer’s requirements

Advantages of correx picking bins

(1) Under normal circumstances, the turnover times of cartons are usually less than 5 times, and the turnover times of corrugated plastic packaging crates can exceed 50 times.

(2)Easy to clean keep tidy. Its weight is much lighter than traditional folding boxes.

(3)Various combinations of corrugated plastic storage. It can be customized into various specifications,  color and sizes.

(4)The coroplast box is made of PP environmental protection material and has the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof. It can be used normally in rainy and humid weather.

(5) It can also be printed or laminated on the box according to the customer’s requirements, including the customer’s logo, to make the packaging more high-end.