Features of correx box


Correx box is a new type of turnover box in the logistics packaging industry, many people also call it coroplast bin, corrugated plastic container/bin/tote/case, corflute box, coroplast box, etc.

The traditional wooden boxes, cartons, and metal boxes have gradually withdrawn from the stage of history, while ordinary plastic turnover boxes have a single color, fixed specifications, and low weight. The characteristics are not enough to meet the modern “light, short, and small” packaging requirements, so a new type of green environmental protection product-corrugated plastic box was born, and its appearance replaced the shortcomings of insufficient diversification of the previous logistics turnover box.

Features of pp carton boxes:

  • The corflute box is made of environmental protection material-polypropylene, and has the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof. It can be used normally in rainy and humid weather.
  • Various combinations of corrugated plastic storage boxes. It can be customized into various specifications and sizes, aluminum alloy edging, inner materials can be combined with EPE, EVA, flannel, PE bags, etc., and made into three styles of folding box, frame box, carton type plastic box,effective use of factory space, increase storage of parts, and save production costs.
  • The folding box made of correx board has the properties of impact resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, and resistance to deformation.
  • According to the customer’s special use environment, the box can be made into anti-static, conductive, anti-flame retardant, and anti-UV box.
  • Under normal circumstances, the turnover times of cartons are usually three times, and the turnover times of pp corrugated plastic container can exceed 50 times.
  • Easy to clean keep tidy. Its weight is much lighter than traditional folding boxes.
  • When the plastic correx box is folded, the volume will be reduced by 3/4, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost and storage space.
  • The corflute bin has rich colors. The hollow board turnover box can be arbitrarily matched with various colors according to the customer’s requirements. The matching is beautiful and the shape is changeable. The common ones are black, white, gray, green, blue, dark green, pink and so on.
  • It can also be printed or laminated on the box according to the customer’s requirements, including the customer’s logo, to make the packaging more high-end.